• LinkedIn quick start class for MBA Students

    They need to know how to optimise their LinkedIn profile to get a better opportunity

    Power up your LinkedIn and boost up your career opportunity

    Do you still cross your fingers and wait for a wonderful job acceptance news? You believe that an MBA title will help to find an ideal opportunity, don’t you? The reality is it is not enough. Can you imagine that one has the right profile on LinkedIn gets a better job than you? During this session, you will find a new concept of this powerful tool and brush up your LinkedIn. The secret of LinkedIn is not only a digital CV but also a machine to create your personal branding


    1. Why LinkedIn?
    2. What should we do?
    3. How are you going to apply?
    4. Workshop-brush up your LinkedIn Profile

    Come with

    1. Get your LinkedIn ready
    2. Get the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone
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